One hour worth of questions from my kid

Here are all the questions I’ve gotten in the past hour. You’ll have to figure out the context yourself, or not, as the case may be. Or you could ask me, in which case you may or may not get answers that are better than the ones I gave my kid.

What is the hottest thing in the universe? Is anything hotter than the middle of the sun? If we went near the sun, would we catch on fire? If we went near the sun, would the middle of the sun get hotter?

What if there were fires under the ocean – I mean ten feet under the top of the island?
I mean a volcano that’s done erupting and then it went deeper down and then it got covered up, then what? Would it spray really hot water?

Is it the five-second rule?

Can I have more cheddar bunnies?

What if they sewed my pants to my shirt? What if they sewed my shirt to my underwear? Cuz then I’d have to wear my underwear every time I weared that shirt. And if my underwear was dirty I couldn’t wear either of them.

Does she get the rest? Did I get more or did she get more? Could I at least have one more handful? Oh, and Mom, look!

What is this called? Is it called a square knot? Would it be called a knot?

How did you know it wasn’t a ring? Did it not sound like one? Where is the phone, Mom? Did you say “end”? Why? Which one makes the ringing sound? Does this one or this one?

Mom, will you make it connected so it stays on my wrist? Thanks. Will you do it farther? Thanks. Will you please do the other one? Actually never mind, because watch. I’m going to launch it. You know what? I accidentally broke it when I was trying to fix it.

You mean mine and hers are mixed up? Why would they be mixed up? Where are the instructions? You wanna know why I want the instructions? Because I wanna know if these go with them!

Mom, will you help me find a piece to my Lego set?

2 responses to “One hour worth of questions from my kid

  1. So wonderful and at the same time, mentally exhausting. School is good for him. And me. 🙂

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