This page is for miscellaneous resources I’d like to share. It is appropriate for all ages, but the rest of this blog, and my book, is really intended for adults.

I’m starting off with a booklet on how to make booklets. This is a tutorial and Microsoft Word template all rolled into one. Just download it, open it on your computer, and follow the instructions. Anybody who can type and is a little bit handy on the computer can try it.

This file is a simpler template. It won’t have the information on how to use styles or how to staple booklets, but it will get you from a typed document to a booklet in about a minute. Just delete my image and replace it with yours, and then delete my text and type or paste in your own. If something goes wrong, the previous booklet has important information about styles in Microsoft Word.

Finally, this is a sample short story booklet made with the template, written by a 5th grader and used on this blog with permission.


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