Song and a quote

My theme song for today is “Should I stay or should I go” –

Should I stay or should I go now?
If I go there will be trouble
If I stay it will be double!

Have you ever outstayed your welcome in a group? Or, rather, clung to a sinking ship like a drowning rat who didn’t know it was time to desert?

BUT, on a happier note, I found a quote about feminist science fiction that I like. It’s from this post on the Geek Feminism blog:

The author of the post, Mary, quoted a 2001 interview by Nick Gevers, a science fiction editor and critic:

[Gevers asks] Who, for you, are the finest SF authors now writing — both your fellow feminist writers and more generally?

[Le Guin answers] First I am to list fellow feminists and then… non-fellow anti-feminists? Come on, Nick, let’s get out of the pigeonholes. If feminism is the idea that differences between the genders, beyond the strictly physiological, are an interesting subject of study, but have not been determined, and so are not a sound basis for society to use in prescribing or proscribing any proclivity or activity — which is what I think it is — then I probably don’t read any non-feminist SF writers, these days. Do you?

Who else can merge biting wit, humor, and dazzling leaps of theory in just one sentence like that? Yes, my favorite author.

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