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Doctor Who: Invasion of the Ant People

From my collection of dollhouse pictures, I bring you . . .

Picture of dollhouse living room invaded by ants


A living room full of ants. Because . . .

Picture of an ant invasion featuring a Dalek and the Jon Pertwee Doctor.


The Third Doctor dropped a bag of flour, and apparently his Dalek housemate didn’t notice.

Tisk, tisk.


Doctor Who: Attack of the Gelt

As a little girl, I enjoyed playing with dolls and my wonderful dollhouse my parents built for me when I was six. I still enjoy it, but in much geekier ways.

Here’s a stop motion animation I did a few years back, Doctor Who: Attack of the Gelt. The moment you link to it you’ll get an annoying video ad, but it seems to shut up if you move your mouse over it.


I don’t actually know where on my computer I put that, so I’ll just add a couple images here. Watch out, Doctor. Candy is dangerous!

DSC03115 DSC03116 DSC03119 DSC03122 DSC03136 DSC03140 DSC03142



– Kristin

Doctor Who Carousel Ride

Three Doctors hitch a ride on a carousel with Ace and Santa. But when a Dalek appears to spoil the fun, who will save them? Raggedy Man to the rescue.

My animated gif here:




Doctor Who: Attack of the Gelt

Sometimes Christmas candy is just too much for you. Check out my stop motion animation:

Doctor Who: Attack of the Gelt

stop motion animation