Belated Veteran’s Day Post

Going through my Google Reader, I found this post about mothers talking to their sons about war:

4 Mothers Remember

It inspired me to make this response:

My son asks me questions at bedtime. He started asking war questions on Veteran’s Day – it turns out a teacher in his school had given a talk about being a veteran from Vietnam. Is the Vietnam War still going on? Did Daddy fight in the Vietnam War? Do they send kids to war? Might they send his sister to war? Did the teacher kill anybody in the war? How many people died in the Vietnam War – was it forty? Which was the good guys’ side? Did the teacher have to go to war, or did he sign up?

The next day, he and his sister took our “No Iraq War” sign, which has been floating around near our window since the war began and has long since been torn, folded, and covered with monkey stickers, and taped it high on the window so everyone could see.

2 responses to “Belated Veteran’s Day Post

  1. It’s certainly a tough topic with kids, especially when it gets to questions of people you know. “Did my teacher kill anyone?” That knocked me down. I’m glad you found our post and that it inspired yours.

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