Week One – Write-a-thon

My Week One goal for the Clarion West write-a-thon is to submit a story about Galadriel from the Tolkieniverse. We’re getting there. I’ve been reading up on her for a couple of weeks, digging through all kinds of Middle-Earth texts, especially Unfinished Tales, but also the bazilla-volume History of Middle Earth as well as an interesting book The Real Middle Earth (about the actual historical, physical place that Tolkien used as a basis for his fantasy. Yesterday and today I wrote up a pre-draft, and tomorrow I plan to type it in. Thursday revise, Friday send. I could do it Saturday and it would still “count” for the write-a-thon goal, but I really really want to get it done on Friday instead.

Meanwhile our basement is undergoing a renovation and we have been moving various boxes and furniture to make space for the demolition-of-the-day.

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