Well, hello, world!

WordPress now lets you view your site statistics by country. Here’s what I found out. Hello to everybody who checked out my blog and thanks for visiting.

In the last week, my blog has been viewed by people in Ireland, Germany, Indonesia, Canada, Croatia, Taiwan, Norway, the Ukraine, Belgium, Australia, the UK, and the US.

(This list is sorted by number of views, from least to greatest.)

Since Feb 25th, 2012, it’s

Iceland, Rwanda, Malta, Japan, Finland, Poland, Estonia, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Yemen, Kenya, Guatemala, Moldova, Pakistan, Guyana, France, Ecuador, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Luxembourg, Serbia, Chile, Bangledash, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Hungary, the Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Republic of Korea, Slovenia, Georgia, Iraq, Thailand, Viet Nam, Israel, Jordan, Italy, Macedonia, Malaysia, Russian Federation, Portugal, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Turkey, Singapore, Norway, Denmark, Peru, Taiwan, Trinidad and Tobago, Spain, Romania, Bulgaria, South Africa, Indonesia, Mexico, Croatia, New Zealand, India, Greece, Brazil, Ireland, Czech Republic, Sweden, Philippines, Germany, Netherlands, Australia, Canada, UK, and the US.

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