That’s an honest lullaby . . .

Cleaning out my files, I came across an old lullaby I composed while angry, frustrated, and tired – all those normal mom feelings the usually don’t appear in lullabies. This is to the tune of “Too Ra Loo Ta Loo Ral.”

Pretty little baby,

I’m feeling mad right now

I’ve fed you and I’ve napped you,

So why do you cry so loud?


After your nap in the morning

And in the afternoon

Why do you wake up crying,

When I’m so tired I could swoon?


It’s time to do the laundry

A million things to do

But now I’ll sit here rocking

Cause you’re sad and I love you.



2 responses to “That’s an honest lullaby . . .

  1. There is a long tradition of “hostile baby-rocking songs.” This one is pretty mild. You don’t even threaten that the the “cradle will fall.”

    • Too true! But I seem to have ended up in some weird bubble where all the lullabies have been sanitized – even the “cradle will fall” has been edited out of the lullabies that people sing around me.

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