Top 10 Ways to Mis-Make Espresso

I’ve done them all. More than once.


10. Forget to plug the espresso maker in, then turn it on and wait.

9. Plug in my cell phone instead. Turn on the espresso maker and wait.

8. Plug in the espresso maker but forget to turn it on. Wait for coffee.

7. Turn it to “steam” instead of “brew.”

6. Forget to put espresso in the filter. 

5. Put espresso in the filter. Forget I have done it and dump out the filter into the compost.

4. Forget to screw the pressure lid on. (Loud.)

3. Forget to put water in. 

2. Put water in the carafe but not the espresso maker. Turn it on.

1. Put water in the espresso maker. Forget I have done it and put it in again. (Big mess!)


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