Doctor Who: Where Should I Start?

So there’s this phenomenon: people are hearing about this Doctor Who thing and wondering where to start. It’s intimidating. The show’s had, what, 700 episodes? There have been 11 characters playing the main part. Should I watch them in order? How ever do you get all the backstory?

That part’s easy. There’s this guy. He has a time machine that also travels in space. He can’t control her. He almost always travels with one or more companions.

That’s all you really need to know.

screwdriver and book2

As for where to start, I recommend the middle. Any episode. The very first episode started in the middle.

Prepare for hokiness, even in the very best episodes, even in the Hugo award-winning ones. It’s supposed to be fun.

How do you know if you’re starting with a good episode? Well . . . maybe you shouldn’t. Maybe you should start with a so-so episode. And if you still like it, mission accomplished!

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