Couple stories published in Missing Links and Secret Histories

So if you haven’t heard yet, good news on the publication front. Two of my stories came out in the anthology Missing Links and Secret Histories from Aqueduct Press.

NPR online rated it one of the top 5 books to read this summer. I agree. And no, not just because my stories are in it! This is the kind of book you might take to the beach, have fun reading a story, then watch the water while you think about it. I can manage one story a day, if that.

My two stories are:

“Mystery of the Missing Mothers” — fake Wikipedia entries detailing how teen detective Nancy’s search for her mother leads her through a time tunnel into an ancient Sumerian city, where mysterious stone tablets describe her search for her mother.

Excerpt: “Nancy and her friend Tom Swift are comparing memories about their dead mothers and discover startling similarities. Hunting for some answers, Nancy goes to the Riverside Library only to find the river has flooded and alluvial mud is swamping the library. . . . She trips, falls into a wall, and knocks a brick loose, revealing a hidden passage. Excited, Nancy pries away the bricks with a chisel she brought just in case and then goes on down the tunnel using a flashlight she just happened to have.”

and “The Galadriel Apocrypha” — fake Wikipedia entries about how Galadriel will be depicted in the canon in various cyberchurches in the Next Age.

Excerpt: “The characterization of Galadriel is also controversial in these apocryphal texts. They paint a picture of Galadriel as a transsexual(1) who befriended the Dark Elves(2) and who was destined to become an organizer and military strategist in a quest to unite all the races of Middle-Earth(3). This is in direct contradiction to claims made by both the Church of the Elven Queen and the Ilúvatar Priesthood that all elves are strictly heterosexual and respect the Hierarchy of Races, and that any evidence to the contrary stems from serious inconsistencies in Tolkien’s unfinished works(4). The Ilúvatar AI, as always, has made no comment one way or the other.”

Sound geeky and silly and twisty-turny? They are.

Cover to the anthology Missing Links and Secret Histories

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