Day-before-school todo list

1. Launder tomorrow’s clothes.

2. Get list of library books that need returning.

3. Ask daughter what she wants in lunches.

4. Make grocery list.

5. Convince kids to eat breakfast and brush teeth.

6. Label kids’ school supplies with their names.

7. Find pencil sharpener with screw-top lid.

8. Call a teacher to find out what is going on with the contract teachers will vote on tonight.

9. Make contingency plan in case school doesn’t start tomorrow.

10. Look up when the back-to-school picnic is and whether I need to bring anything.

11. Figure out what time the kids have to go to bed.

12. Gather library books.

13. Photocopy the two pages out of library books that contain information I need.

14. Make sure I have enough cash to pay library fines.

15. Call friend to invite for Nerf battle in park.

16. Check weather to see if it will be raining.

17. Convince kids to take showers and brush hair.

18. Go to library.

19. Go to grocery store.

20. Go to park.

21. Make contingency plans in case we need to do strike support for teachers tomorrow.

22. Play Ni No Kuni, but not before I’ve done a bunch of these items.


I just want to go back to bed . . . .

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