Other opinions about Missy in Doctor Who

Nov 7, 2014

Update: after considering all week and checking out various opinions, I have decided I like Missy. A lot. She’s basically a walking, talking, kissing piece of comic meta. I took down one of my posts (Doctor Who Dark Water – A Near Miss) because I’ve changed my mind about it.

Keeping this post though, because it’s basically a summing up of various opinions I’ve heard around the net. Spoilers below.

Nov 4, 2014

I’m conflicted about the character of Missy in Doctor Who. What are other people saying? Here’s a little summary of what I’ve found around the net.

From Cogpunk Steamscribe – “From a feminist viewpoint, this is a brilliant addition to the Doctor Who canon.” and “All the . . . shippers must be screaming in delight.”

Personally, I think half are screaming in delight and the other half are pissed.

From freethoughtblogs – Missy is one of a number of cookie-cutter female characters.

She sure channeled River Song in this episode.

From Radio Times – She’s a strong female character and shows Moffat to be a feminist. “Surely, this puts paid to any whingers who, for reasons that escape me, have labelled Moffat a misogynistic writer.”

Nice try.

From feministfiction.com (and by the way, how have I not found this before???) – very excited by the plot twist but yet another female character being in love with the doctor is setting up potential alarm bells.

Yes, that’s it exactly. That’s how I feel.

From ibishtar.livejournal.com – was hoping for Missy to be who she is but is concerned about how it was handled.

Yes. But I can’t personally decide how I would rather have had it handled.

Various comments on doctorwho.livejournal.com

From gildinwen – “You Troll Moffat…you epic epic troll *G*”

Also from gildinwen – “He did bring us Jack and River…..like flexible sexuality was kinda introduced into the Doctor Who universe via Moffat….and thank you for that kiss!!!!”

angelophile – “it manages to be both sexist and homophobic at the same time. Double whammy.”

eowyn – “Why are all female villains the same? Karabraxos, Miss Foster, Kovarian, Missy – they’re all basically interchangeable.”

gonzo21 – “And yes! Moffat knows how to write precisely 2 female characters. They’re either Amy/Clara or Missy/Kovarian/River/etc. ”

norahsilverbird – “I thought it was hilarious how she decided to kiss the Doctor.”

femme_slash_fan – “the way Missy has been spouting off about her ‘boyfriend’ just hits me as needy and a little overly sexualised”

gonzo21 – “I’m also not convinced Moffat is the writer we want to be handling trans-gender issues like this.”

sharaz-jek – “. . . it’s good to see an example of genderfluidity, even if it is . . . ”

pinguthegreek – ” Transgender issues are a relatively new thing to many people who may not have any experience or contact with trans people. To expect writers of a mainstream, flagship, prime time show to carefully consider those kind of sensitivities in this particular instance is kind of shooting for the moon. . . Progress has to be in small steps . . .”

ibishtar – “. . .a writing move that I found cissexist, heteronormative and sexist . . .”

Sexuality Dragon (warning: blog contains mature themes): “My reaction so far has been to squeal, cry, yell, swear, say things like: ksjdfbkwebtksdvkbdsfansbdn l I can’t I can’t oh god it’s so beautiful am I betraying everything I believe in if I start watching DoctorWhoagain”

Verity Podcast – The Verities interpreted Missy as an excellent continuation of the Master, complete with a typical crazy “Master plan,” flirting through destruction of planet Earth, flair for style, invasion of the Doctor’s personal space, and more. As for the gender dynamics, there was one interpretation that this is how the Master thinks he ought to behave now that he has a woman’s body.

Quite the range of opinions! If nothing else, this is a move that’s making people think.

Any other feminist opinions about Missy? Let me know and I’ll link to them here.

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