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Online manners, please!

Disclaimer: I have no complaints about manners on people commenting on this blog. Other than the spammers, that is. No, I’m complaining about some of the online forums I’m on.

My forays into online forums have been super-disappointing. People get tetchy about all sorts of things, and respond in an annoyed way, and next thing you know you have a flame war going. Even worse is that the only posts that seem to get attention are the ones where somebody is fighting. The ones where interesting questions get posed seem to die an early death.

Where, oh where, is the serious, thoughtful, polite discussion?

We totally need an Emily Post for online conversations. Weigh in, folks, what are some good online manners?

Especially manners that encourage online conversation – say what to do instead of what not to do. (As a side note, I read and respond to comments to this blog even if they’re a week late, or a year, or whatever.)

One of my favorites is Kloncke’s guidelines for dhammic posting, which she gave when she guest-posted at Feministe.


The feministe comments are decent but IMO something is missing . . . tone, maybe?


Here’s another comment policy from a fave blog, Zero at the Bone. I like the “be respectful” part and the “be nice” part.


There’s a bit about tone right here. Like the bit about “nobody can read your facial expression online.”


One other gripe: conversations that die just as they get interesting. It seems like conversations often have a life span of a day or two. What’s up with that???