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Concept art that didn’t make it, presented for your viewing amusement

Concept art that didn't make it, presented for your viewing amusement

Here is the concept art that ultimately didn’t make it onto my book cover. They were all fun to make, but none of them had the right personality. (One day, though, I hope to write a story that will live up to the flamingo cover.)

I learned a lot along the process. First, don’t use copyrighted works even for private concept art, because you might fall in love with something you can’t ultimately use. Second, it’s not easy, but you can search wikimedia commons for art that falls under “CC-BY-3.0” a common license that can be used for book covers. Third, there are a lot of stock photography sites that charge a small fee for the kind of print runs an indy author would have. Fourth, it’s way easier to have a graphic designer do your cover than to do it yourself. Fifth, I learned how to use the free image manipulation program GIMP. WIN!

Here is some more detailed information about the art in this picture. I did my best, but if this is your art and I’ve attributed it incorrectly please let me know.

Flamingo cover
Moab by DR04, found at
Flamingoes by Christian Mehlführ, found at

Floating doll cover
Sealing Room: author unknown, found at
Doll by Kristin King, photographed from antique at Lagoon amusement park

Tree of Utah cover
Tree of Utah by Karl Momen, found at
Doll by Kristin King, photographed from antique at Lagoon amusement park
Smoking woman by Nuria Garay Del Barrio, found at

White house cover
Elizabeth Cady Stanton House, found at
Smoking woman by Nuria Garay Del Barrio, found at

Man on roof cover
Steep Roof, author unknown, found at
Brother Sharp, found at

Arches National Park cover
Three Gossips by Sanjay Acharya/ Wikimedia Commons, found at

Woman smoking – Moulin Rouge, by Elen Moulin Rouge(?), found at


Misfits from the Beehive State

Misfits from the Beehive State

Coming up! The publication of “Misfits from the Beehive State” ran into a bit of a hitch with the cover, but it’s finally done. I’ll get a proof copy on Wednesday, make changes, get another proof copy, and then good to go!


Doctor Who and the Cake Invasion

Doctor Who and the Cake Invasion

Don’t worry, the Ice Warrior is on the good guy side. She’s saving the snowmen by clocking a Dalek with a candy cane. The Doctor, as often happens, is about to take credit for the whole thing.


Guardian of the beach

Guardian of the beach

I came across this guardian of the beach on the Olympic Peninsula and took a picture of her with the “watercolor” function on the camera. What is she guarding, I wonder? A fairy realm up the cliffs? What kind of riddle would she ask before she let you pass?


Canyonlands Graffiti

Canyonlands Graffiti

I’ve been working with photo manipulation software and here is my favorite. “Canyonlands Graffiti,” copyright 2013 by Kristin King, offered under the Creative Commons Share-Alike license 3.0 ( It is made up of two artworks from Wikimedia Commons: “Canyonlands National Park,” copyright 2008 by Alwynloh, and “Vitoria-Graffiti” by Zarateman. “Canyonlands National Park” is used under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license: