Back from Fishtrap

Feb 25, 2010 –

Just got back from the Fishtrap writer’s gathering at Wallowa Lake, Oregon. It was an amazing experience. To be a writer, and to go away for a several-day workshop – well, that’s just about heaven. I was freaked out about leaving my family, and that lasted for the week leading up to the workshop to about a half hour into the train ride. Then I took a deep breath and said, “Yes, they really can survive without me!”

So, I took a train to Portland, where I got to watch the countryside go by, sit in the dining car and lose at solitaire, read a bit, write a bit. Then I took the Trax (light rail) to a motel, except that I had misjudged distances and ended up having to lug my suitcase for a mile.

I stayed overnight at the motel, and then got up bright and early for a six-hour bus ride to Wallowa Lake with about 20-30 of the other participants. (There were 70-80 overall.) There was plenty of time for chatting and getting acquainted, and also for writing, napping, and eating. The bus driver knew the countryside, and he let us know when something important was coming up – like the grove of trees with twelve bald eagles. Wow! He also talked a bit about species of animals that had died off due to DDT or whatnot and then returned in recent years – the sort of thing that makes me hopeful that people can learn to take care of the world we live in.

I have more to tell, but that’s enough for now. There’s also a post about the presenters’ talks up on the Aqueduct Press blog.

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