Potlatch tomorrow!

March 4, 2010 –

Tomorrow I’m going to the Potlatch con, held in Seattle every other year. I’ve been every other year since 2002, except for the 2004 one, which I fully intended to go to, but due to new-baby amnesia, completely forgot about. I’ve been introduced to, um, Scotch-tasting, the game Zen-Do with the Icehouse game pieces, fabulous reading lists, the Locus February issue (best-ofs!), cool people, interesting conversations, and informal skits of Nickelodeon show put on by a seven-year-old.

Tomorrow my story “Swallow the Clock” will be workshopped. I am looking forward to it and hoping comments might help me upgrade it from not-publishable to publishable. I’m slightly apprehensive, but not too much, because I’ve done a whole lot of workshops before. Also because I wrote the story several years ago and am not attached in the same way I’d be attached to a new story.

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