Status update on the short story collection

It’s incredible how many steps it takes to publish a book, once the writing is done. But I’m getting there. As of today, I have incorporated all the copy edits. Yay!!! That means the text is finalized. FINALIZED. Sweet.

The cover art should be ready by November 15th. My next step is to get it in the proper format for ebook and print. The ebook formatting shouldn’t be too difficult — I’m using the Coffee Cup HTML editor and the Calibre E-book converter, and I’ve had plenty of practice with both of those. But I do have to find some pretty text features, called fleurons, to use for screen breaks. 

The hardest part is going to be writing the cover blurb. Yaagh! Those will be the hardest ~100 words of the whole collection. I probably shouldn’t do it. Nobody should ever write their own cover blurb, probably. I should probably find, or pay, somebody else.

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