Incident in the bathroom

So I was at a restaurant with my family, and I had to use the bathroom. It’s a simple process, really: you go into the stall, lock your door, do your business in private.

Well, not this time. I walked into the stall, started to close and lock the door, and felt a hand grabbing my foot! I looked around, disoriented, and saw the hand was coming from the next stall over, and now it was patting my foot insistently. “Excuse me!” the person said. “Excuse me!” As it turns out, it was a girl, maybe eleven years old, and she found it very important that I know right away that my stall was out of toilet paper.

While I was still processing this information, and before I managed to lock my stall door, a second person entered the bathroom. She must have had to pee really badly, because she barged in at top speed, clocking me in the forehead with the stall door. She was aghast. “I’m really sorry,” she said.

I just stood there with my hand on my forehead, mouth gaping open, saying, “Wh–“, and the woman who had hit me with the door must have thought that she had injured me seriously. She made a tearful apology and fled.

I hope that somebody, sometime, will have enough presence of mind to let that girl know that you really shouldn’t oughta grab people’s feet when they’re going to the bathroom. As for me, I’m going to be paying much closer attention to the lock on the stall door!

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