On reading three books at once

I’m in the middle of three books. This is kind of a problem, actually, because when I read books like that I have trouble finishing them, which would be a shame, because they are all wonderful.

Orientation by Daniel Orozco

Everybody who has ever had a job in an office needs to read the title story. Here’s a link! I just finished the second story, which is sad. I’m not prepared for sad right now, which is why I picked up . . .

Creating a Life by Corbin Lewars

Wit, comedy, and heartwrenching honesty. I first read Corbin Lewars’ work when she was putting out the Reality Mom zine. I found it on the newsstand at my local bookstore and fell in love because it exactly described what I was going through with my own kids, who were the same age. What it’s like: your brain takes a bit of a vacation, and you have to sell your angel wings to the pawn shop. In Reality Mom, she shamelessly details all her mistakes, and nobody else has ever told the story of early motherhood with quite the same honesty and humor! Well, Creating a Life is the story of how she came to be a mom in the first place. Just started it, and am much enjoying.

 But then I went to a reading and heard Eileen Gunn read about Love Sasquatches in . . .

Questionable Practices by Eileen Gunn

From the blurb:

Good intentions aren’t everything. Sometimes things don’t quite go the way you planned. And sometimes you don’t plan. . . .

The Love Sasquatch was a hoot, and the ending (which she didn’t get to in the reading) was even better.

I just finished the story about Christmas and the elves, and I’m going — wait, what? It’s the kind of story you keep on thinking about and thinking about.

Oh yes, and the Spock and Kirk one, oh my . . .

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