Hmm, something’s missing here . . .

I was at the library today browsing the science fiction / fantasy section. I noticed that somebody had put tags under books of note, giving a “teaser” sentence or two. But something seemed to be missing. I googled the authors’ names, snipped the first photos I could find for each author, and collected them in this image. I have two questions here: 

1) What is missing; and 

2) How would somebody go about bringing this to a library’s attention? 

(One of the authors is not pictured because they use a pseudonym.) 

authors whose books are tagged

5 responses to “Hmm, something’s missing here . . .

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  2. also as far as good authors, philip k dick and ursula le guin are missing

    • Most of the books chosen seemed to have something to do with empires. At the quick glance I had. Perhaps someone with a narrow view of the genre.

  3. whiteyville.
    population: everyone

    • Yep, that is the long and short of it. Ironically, the tags themselves are blindingly white. What first caught my attention was that they were almost all men. I guessed from there that they were probably mostly white, and sadly I wasn’t wrong. I really do have higher expectations for libraries!

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