Writeathon Update! And an excerpt.

Week 5: Met the goal! Here are the word counts for the week:

  • Sun 7/20: 500 words
  • Mon 7/21: 294 words
  • Weds 7/23: 388 words
  • Thurs 7/24: 260 words
  • Fri 7/25: 302 words

Week’s total: 1744 words.

Also, I promised to add a 50-word excerpt for every $10 donated, and author Vonda McIntyre very kindly did! Thank you! Here is the excerpt.

I wanted no sympathy from this stranger, so I turned away. I wanted my implant back and whole like nobody’s business. But for the first time in my life I wondered: what exactly was it putting in my head? And did I want it there?

“Leave me be,” I said.

– Kristin

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