Still got legs!

Legs! Still got legs! There’s life in this old horse yet, and I know there’s gonna be an awful lot of running to do!

. . . and . . .

“Yes, I am, well, yes I was, it’s complicated but I won’t explain it now because,” then he disappeared into a hazy fuzz, that man, I can’t explain why he does the thing he does. Oh my god, I don’t have a clue! These paradoxes are hard to construe! My mind is blown, I bet your is too. Well, I guess this is . . .”

It took FOREVER for the album to come in the mail. I figured I could just listen to the songs, over and over, on youtube. My son was considerably more anxious. Six-thirty in the morning: “Has it come yet?” My daughter complained the first ten times he played the song “The Doctor is Dying” but now she’s singing it too.

When it finally arrived my son abandoned screen time to listen to it. I drank fruit V-8 Juice and sprawled out on the hot concrete of the front porch, just listening. I think we might have to print out the lyrics and memorize them.

Anyway, this band is amazing.


It’s not the words I most love, though they are brilliant, but the tunes. Deep, melodious, hauntinghappysadish, Idontevenknowwhat.


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