My last sci fi culture war post

June 22 2015 – Time for me to move on and get cracking on the Clarion West writeathon! Over the last few months I’ve been blogging about a sci fi culture war declared by a creepy weirdo. All the drama and excitement is still going on, and I’m probably gong to continue to be interested in it and writing about it. But dear readers, I’ll spare you any future posts. If I have anything else to say, I’ll just edit one of the earlier posts or append my thoughts to this blog post.

Here’s a summary of what I’ve written so far.

The bizarre story of how sci fi fandom reacted when a member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of Amercia called a fellow author a half-naked savage and followed it up with more hate speech: Neo-fascism in science fiction, 2013-2015.

Some follow-up thoughts I had on the concept of political correctness, including my general opinions and the history of the term as one-percenter propaganda.

A suggestion on how to deal with hate speech of the kind the sci fi community has been facing.


A look at how the culture wars might affect TOR Books.

That’s all!

6/22/2015 Update – Very happy to see that the TOR boycott has been countered by a book-buying campaign.

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