Speculation for “The Zygon Inversion”

If you haven’t watched the Doctor Who episode “The Zygon Invasion,” this blog post is not for you. Not only might it have spoilers, it will be just plain cryptic. Give it a miss. If on the other hand, you watched it and are thinking, “Wait — what?” and you love speculating, this post is definitely for you.

Absolutely riveted. I am an avid speculator, know that this season has all sorts of fakeouts, and had to rewatch the episode to find little niggly points that might or might not be clues. Things to consider:

1. Next episode’s title is “Zygon Inversion”. In what ways could last night’s episode be inverted?

2. Why did Bonnie tell the Zygon to “kill the traitors”? Why are UNIT soldiers traitors to her, and not enemies? Were they all Zygons to begin with? Or is there a double fakeout going on here and Bonnie is somehow human and sees the UNIT soldiers as traitors because they allowed Zygons to settle all over the world?

3. If the humans in the Zygon eggs are dead, why are the Zygons bothering to keep them in eggs? Why not just make them electrified haystacks?

4. Are the electrified haystacks in fact human? In the ISIS video we saw _Zygons_, not humans, turned into haystacks.

5. Who died in the church — the “hostages” or the soldiers?

6. Why did the Zygon guarding Osgood say “Clara”?

7. How does the song _Amazing Grace_ relate thematically to the episode?

8. What is in that box that the two Osgoods showed in the video? One of the reviews I read sugested it could be the Moment. I’m just thinking of Schrodinger’s Cat.

9. Osgood said, “I would give all my lives . . .” — um, how many does she have?

10. What happened in New Mexico? It sounded like a child slipped and revealed themself to be a Zygon, and then the whole town committed an atrocity — a pogrom. And that could explain the dumpsters full of electrified haystacks.

11. With all the emphasis from both Osgood and the Doctor saying humans and Zygons are equally capable of good and evil, I can’t help thinking next week’s episode will show humans having been quite monstrous.

12 – and most important – WHERE CAN I GET A PAIR OF DOCTOR WHO UNDERPANTS???

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