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Clarion West writeathon – I DID IT!

I set some serious goals for myself for the Clarion West writeathon – 250 words or more, 5 days a week, for six weeks. AND I DID IT!

Writing consistently is so important, so quick, and so hard. When you write every day, you wake up every morning thinking about what you’re going to write. You actually produce work. You feel good about yourself. And when people ask “Are you writing?” you don’t get that sinking feeling in the bottom of your stomach!

So I met my writeathon goals, but I need to keep this thing up.

Starting TODAY.





Writeathon Update! And an excerpt.

Week 5: Met the goal! Here are the word counts for the week:

  • Sun 7/20: 500 words
  • Mon 7/21: 294 words
  • Weds 7/23: 388 words
  • Thurs 7/24: 260 words
  • Fri 7/25: 302 words

Week’s total: 1744 words.

Also, I promised to add a 50-word excerpt for every $10 donated, and author Vonda McIntyre very kindly did! Thank you! Here is the excerpt.

I wanted no sympathy from this stranger, so I turned away. I wanted my implant back and whole like nobody’s business. But for the first time in my life I wondered: what exactly was it putting in my head? And did I want it there?

“Leave me be,” I said.

– Kristin